McMahan's Bottle Gas


Industrial Propane Service

Ever had that panicked feeling when you realize you forgot to order more propane? Our business is to provide you with cost-effective, reliable, safe energy to heat your facilities and operate all equipment! Let us handle all of your propane gas needs!

When it comes to providing your industrial operation with the propane gas that it needs, McMahan’s Bottle Gas will handle all installations, small and large, manage your tank exchange programs, optimize utilization and storage of your propane and ensure that you never run out of gas with our timely automatic delivery. McMahan’s Bottle Gas supplies propane in a variety of industrial operations including: concrete processing, manufacturing, tool & die and heat treating, to name but a few. With McMahan’s, you receive attentive, responsive service rather than excuses. We provide high quality propane, delivered by knowledgeable, friendly professionals, as scheduled, and at a competitive price. That’s our promise to you.

McMahan’s Bottle Gas offers you a broad range of services including:

  • Installation of propane tanks – handled by uniformed, experienced technicians with a keen eye for quality who ensure that the installation is completed on-time. All installations are certified to meet all safety and code regulations.
  • Automatic Delivery – to ensure that you have an adequate supply of propane at all times. McMahan’s Bottle Gas removes the potential for an “out of gas” condition and reduces the amount of time your company’s personnel expend on managing propane related issues.
  • Cylinder Exchange – keep forklifts and other equipment operating without interruption. You can rely on McMahan’s Bottle Gas for dependable service and cost-effective supply of all propane exchange cylinders. Contact McMahan’s Bottle Gas today at 937-233-0831 or 937-274-9940.